Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fall Festival / Art contest


It's that time of the year again for our local fall festivals. 

This will be the third year, dd#1 (soon to be 10yo) will have entered the art show that one of them has.  We can only submit 4 entries per artist.  I still have pictures of two more on my camera that I need to take off, but these are her best I think. 

Great Blue HerronGreat Blue Heron

Sea MistSea Mist



Great Grandma's Water PumpGreat Grandma's Water Pump

Tough decision to only be able to submit four, don't ya think?    Every art show she's entered she's walked away with at least one ribbon.  She's going to get a big head pretty soon!

DD7  will submit one this year, for the first time.   She's not the artist my older dd is, but she wanted to paint a picture for a different art show earlier this year.  (She's not one to sit still long enough to draw or paint, if you know what I mean!)  I helped her a bit, but she took over after I showed her what to do.  She got first place in the other show.

Grandma's SunflowerGrandma's Sunflower

Mom and I are going to give it a try too.  Mom with her paintings and me with some of my many pictures.  This will be Mom's second year and my first.  Here are two of the ones that I am submitting:

The SentinelThe Sentinel

Happy JackHappy Jack

I took these through our window.  We have a bird feeder that bows into our house through a window.  It's cool because we don't have to go outside to fill it up, you do so from in the house.  Also the window that bows into the house allows the bird to only see himself, but we can see through the glass (plastic) to see him.  However, we usually keep the blind up, as they land on the branches above the feeder.  If we're quiet and don't move suddenly, we can see so many birds (and squirrels too obviously!).  It's fun waiting near the window to see who will come next.  I can't tell you how many pictures I've taken of the birds and squirrels.   I have several photos of them at our 4H Bird Gallery at WhatBird?, if you're on high speed and want to take a look.



  1. That is some AMAZING talent...and for only 9 years old! No wonder she wins all the ribbons!

    Have a great day!

  2. Celia,

    You daughter has been blessed with an amazing talent.


  3. I love Happy didn't win? Well, it IS a winner in my opinion.

    My favorite of your dd's is the water pump. Jason and I both thought it was GRAND! :) Congrats to both of your dear daughters (tell your youngest that we love her flower, too!).

    :) Ami

  4. Did I read right that your dd who drew/painted those is 9?! Wow! I am so impressed.

  5. My dd who just turned 10 this month drew the first several drawings (dragon, horse, water pump, etc.) over the course of the last year when she was 9. She has not painted yet.

    My dd7, when she was 6 and 3/4 painted the sunflower with some help from me.

    DD10 takes lessons and the teacher worked with her on the drawings, giving pointers and showing her where things need improved, etc. but not doing the work for her.

    She amazes me. I'm thankful that we homeschool and so we can foster her talent. I'm also very grateful that the Lord led me to read a paper I don't normally read, where I found a local artist willing to take young student (dd10 was 6--almost 7--at the time).


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