Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Fair has come and gone


And once again we we're blessed with no serious injuries.

This year, my niece's horse got antsy while she was untacking her and the horse flipped around and pinned her arm against the stall wall, breaking it just above the wrist.  It's a bad break and is in a cast.

We had quite a bit of rain, which made the arena pretty soupy and unsafe.   We had three riders and one horse go down.  The one girl went down twice, she's very bruised and very sore but OK. 



Another girl went down and was OK. 


A boy's horse lost its footing and fell down on the boy's leg, but the boy was OK.  The horse was sore and limped a bit for a few hours but is OK.  


Then  as everyone was loading up to go home, one of our club's members got knocked down by her pony and the way she landed tore the ligaments. 

Also this week, another club member got his arm ripped open on a nail and required 8 stitches.  An advisor from one of the horse clubs was bridling a horse and it swung its head and hit her on the bone around the eye and her glasses broke and cut her skin below the eye and there was some damage to that bone. 

Add to that horses that went berserk.  One got a cut under the chin.  My  youngest daughter's horse kicked the stall gate and the board came flying loose and hit a child.  He's scared and a bit bruised.  My niece's horse kept acting up, as did one of ours.  Another horse went totally nuts the last day and reared up and got it's leg caught in the hay net and then got its head caught between the dividing wall of the stalls and the wire screen that acts as the "window" for the horse.   It practically took out the wall trying to get loose.

So it's been crazy to say the least.  I'm so thankful it's over and no one was seriously hurt.


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