Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How the girls did at the Fair

My oldest received State Fair for her first sewing project:  a vest, a skirt, and a tote bag.  Her aunt helped her (since I can't sew a lick!).

Sewing Project

My oldest took 5th place in the Trail in Hand class, her first year in the junior classes (the last two years she was in the novice classes, but did not ride, only did ground classes).


This was her first year riding Sunshine at the Fair.  As she was cantering, the billet strap broke and her girth came undone!  The judge allowed for a 7 minute tack change, during which my niece untacked her horse and we put that saddle on Sunshine and my daughter was able to continue the class. 


This was my youngest daughter's first year, showing her horse, Julie.  (Julie is the mother of Sunshine above.)  She ended up taking two 2nd places and two 3rd places.

My niece placed first in one of her classes, with her horse, Diana, before her arm was broke.  (Diana is a niece to Sunshine above and this was Diana's first year at the Fair.)  My niece was unable to participate in her favorite events, the contesting classes (barrels, poles, etc.) due to the broken arm.

So the girls and the horses gained another year of experience and they had fun.

PS......The horses are pintos.  Julie stands the tallest at 15.2hh, while Sunshine and Diana both stand at 14.2hh.

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