Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another summer has come and is almost gone.....


As with every summer the past few years, we are quite busy in May and June and July with 4-H, horse training, horse shows, and getting ready for our county fair.

This year's heat during Fair was brutal, but we survived without too many problems. It was rough on the horses, being cooped up in a stall all week. We kept forcing Gatorade down them (and ourselves as well!). A couple kids passed out, but were back in action the next day. We also had a few severe storms and had to calm the horses during the worst of the lightning. All in all, it went injuries, thank you , Lord!!!! \o/

DD14 had a very good year.  She won Junior Cowgirl, and got to walk around the grounds with a sash and a tiara on her cowboy hat.  :D

August was unusually busy.  It's usually my only true "summer" in the sense of down time.   However, this year we ended up at State Fair for dd14's self-determined project.  Self-determined is a hard project to judge, as it compares apples with oranges.  The children are free to do just about anything and the judges have to decide which are the best of the best.  The top 30% receive ribbons or trophy clock.  Outstanding Awards are given to the bottom 20% of that 30%.   Superior Awards are given to the top 10%.  And one trophy clock is given to the "best of the best."   Well, dd received a Superior Award!   We were very proud of her and very excited.  This was her third time at the state level, but first time placing. 

(If you're wondering why I haven't mentioned DD11's fair results, it's because she decided to not take a horse to fair this year.  Her horse is barely greenbroke, so they weren't up to fair this year.  She's been riding him almost every day now that fair and church camp are done, trying to get some miles under him before next year's fair.)

A couple weeks ago, the girls and I went down to the Creation Museum in Kentucky with our church youth group.   This was the girls' first time.  I enjoyed the changes made since the last time I was there--much more kid-friendly.  The girls absolutely loved it, and want to go back.  When we do, we will definitely buy a two-day pass!  We were there from opening until almost closing, and still did not get to see everything!   We never made it to the planetarium or the outside gardens and petting zoo!   HOWEVER, we did get see and meet and shake hands with Buddy Davis!  My girls have grown up on his music, and we enjoyed his show and meeting him.  (Did you know he sculpted many of the dinosaurs on exhibit at the Creation Museum?)

Then, this past weekend dh took the girls to a Clinton Anderson training event.  This is the girls' 2nd time going.   They use his methods when training their own horses.

DD14 is considering getting into competitive trail riding and has started conditioning her horse for such an event.  I'm still in the beginning stages of researching what it's all about.  One thing's for sure, if we do, it means more camping.   Ugh, I'm already stiff, just thinking about it!

We have started school back up, but haven't got a consistent schedule yet.  Been too busy!!!  LOL.   Plus, DD14 likes to use the cool of the early morning for conditioning her horse.....that cuts into serious school time!   Well, I suppose that's just the way it will have to be for the next month or so, then the horsey stuff will be done until spring.

So, how was your summer?  What are you doing this year for school?


Beyond the Mask made its goal!


Woo hoo!  The Burns family set a goal of $20,000 to raise by August 31 and they made it! Yippee! Can't wait to see this God-honoring movie!

Beyond the Mask Movie from Burns Family Studios on Vimeo.