Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Arabian horse drawing

DD14 hasn't been taking art lessons the last few years, but she continues to draw.  It's been awhile since I posted one of her drawings.   Here is her latest.....

ETA:  Guess I should tell you the story behind the picture.

The boys in her Sunday School class were bragging about being able to draw, so the student minister leading the class asked them to draw a picture and asked Elizabeth to draw a picture (He has seen her work before!).  So this is what she drew for class.  Well, the next Sunday School the boys had forgotten to draw something AND they did not believe that she drew this picture! So, the minister is going to allow dd14 to draw in Sunday School class next time.  LOL.

But shhhh....don't tell, but one lucky family member will get this for a CHRISTmas present this year!

Coming soon....the Homeschool Share BLOG!

Did you see that new button over there? ------------>

Woo hooo..........Homeschool Share is getting its own blog!   There will be featured writers giving practical advice, book reviews, freebies, giveaway contests, and more.  My role at the blog will be more behind the scenes.  I will research the various special days of each month.  Of course, Ami is the creative one who will beautiful the calendar and make it presentable to you.

We'll let you know when important days like National Cupcake Day you have an excuse to make and eat cupcakes can schedule some fun days with your kids throughout the month.  We'll also let you know when you can take advantage of some of the units at HSS.  We might even through in a reminder to just do something fun! 

I researched for October and Ami made it all pretty.  You can download it here.    For today, it says to get outside and includes a nature scavenger hunt!

So watch for the'll be coming your way soon!  Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A list of the books I read aloud for Mystery of History (MOH) Volume 1

Because my sweet friend Ami is a list of the chapter books that we read for ancient history, MOH1.   They are arranged in the order in which they were read.

Adam & His Kin  by Ruth Beechick

The Golden Bull  by Marjorie Cowley

(not read, but we should have:   The Secret Scribe)

Gilgamesh The King / The Last Quest of Gilgamesh  by Zeman  (I believe there is a third book that came between these two,  but we did not read it.  These are picture books.)

The Golden Goblet   by  Eloise Jarvis McGraw

The Laughing Princess of the Desert   by Anna Tyra Adams

Where I Belong by Rebecca Kenney

Tirzah by Lucille Travis

Cat of Bubastes by Henty  (We listened to Jim Weiss' "thoughtfully abridged" version.)

Assigned reading:   dd10 read His Majesty the Queen
                                   dd13 read Abigail's Secret Journal
                                   both read  Princess at the Well     and     Timna

The Hittite Warrior  by Joanne Williamson

Mara, Daughter of the Nile  by  Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Rachel's Secret Journal 

Adara  by Beatrice Gromley

God King by Joanne Williamson

Rise of the Golden Cobra by Henry T. Aubin   (I edited a couple of small things)

To Ride the Gods' Own Stallion by Diane Lee Wilson  (There were a few places I edited)

Victory on the Walls by Frieda Clark Hyman

Archimedes and the Door to Science by Bendick

The chapter Julius Caesar from Well Loved Tales of Shakespeare by Miles

Julius Caesar and the History of Rome  -- Audio by Jim Weiss

The Bronze Bow by Speare

Sparrow Alone  by Petersen

Out of Darkness by Petersen

Saturday, October 15, 2011

List of Read Alouds for Mystery of History Volume II


Well, we finally finished Mystery of History, Volume 1 from last year.  I honestly have no idea how we got so far behind!  But we're ready to move on to Volume 2 finally.

My problem is this......I have an insane amount of books I want to read aloud to the girls this year!  Yeah, they are ages 11 and 14 and read VERY well by themselves...but we like read alouds, and there's just something about hearing it!   Besides, the girls generally would have never even picked up the books we read last year on their own....yet, they ended up loving almost every title we read for MOH1!   I hope it's the same this year!  They really help make history come alive.

Below is my list of books for this year (with a few videos/audios thrown in.)  I know there is NO WAY I can read all of these this year.  And I don't want to bog the girls down with assigning them to read lots of chapter books, as they have their assignments for Lightning Literature.  (That's why the most of the assigned ones on this list are picture books or very quick reads.)

I need help in narrowing this list about half of the chapter books!   So if you see anything on this list that should definitely not miss reading or that you would recommend skipping, please let me know!  I really want to read the best of the best...what will be most memorable to my girls.  (Most of them I have not pre-read, so I'm not sure of the content and would love any insight there if you've read a title and could warn me of anything that might be of concern.  I've tagged a few of them with "pre-read" so I can remember to definitely check them out prior.)

ETA:  A few folks have told me of books they really enjoyed, so I have made their titles bold to mark them as a "don't miss" title.  

2011- 2012 Mystery of History Read Alouds Read Aloud Pages Own / Library Comments
Week Lesson Title or Assigned?

Weeks 2-4: Should I read aloud Ides of April/Beyond the Desert Gate/Eagle of the Ninth/Silver Branch/Lantern Bearers? We own some.
1 3 Paul the Emissary
Video Lib
Beric the Briton Audio Audio Own by Jim Weiss (62AD Roman invasion of Britain)
2 5 Forbidden Gates Read Aloud 126 Own Stephen, the first martyr
2 5 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 1, Polycarp
Twice Freed Read Aloud 190 Own Paul/Philemon (mentions Stephen's stoning)
2 6 Pearl Maiden Read Aloud 371 Own culminates in the siege/destruction
2 6 For the Temple Audio Audio Own by Jim Weiss
3 7 Masada: The Last Fortress Read Aloud
Own Pre-read-the subject was handled well.  We will read aloud.
3 9 Escape from Pompeii / MTH Vacation Under the Volcano Assigned
4 12 Saint Valentine (Sabuda) Assigned
5 14 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 3, Constantine
6 16 Rescue in the Mayan Jungle Read Aloud 144 Ch. Lib.
6 17 Augustine: The Farmer's Boy of Tagaste Read Aloud 93 Own
6 17 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 6, Monica & Augustine, Christian Mother & Son
6 18 The Indestructible Book
Video Own
7 19 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 7, St. Patrick
7 19 What Really Happened in the Middle Ages Read Aloud
PDF Chapter 1, St. Patrick, Sower of Light
7 20 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 2, Attila the Hun
8 23 Sword in the Tree Assigned
8 23 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Audio?
Lib Audio by Dufris (12 hrs.) or abridged by Naxos
8 23 Black Horses for the King Read Aloud 217 Own
8 24 What Really Happened in the Middle Ages Read Aloud
PDF Chapter 2, Theodora, Empress of the New Roman Empire
8 24 Anna of Byzantium Read Aloud
8 25 Across a Wide and Dark Sea / Marguerite Makes a Book Assigned
9 29 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 8, Muhammad
10 30 Saladin Assigned
11 32 Dragon Slayer (Beowulf) Read Aloud 108 Own
12 34 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 9: Boniface, Missionary
13 37 Son of Charlemagne Read Aloud 208 Own
13 37 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 10, Charlemagne
13 37 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 10: Charlemagne, Protector
13 38 Shadow Spinner Read Aloud 219 Own
14 40 Raiders from the Sea Read Aloud 191 Own (There are others in the series, but do not own them.)
14 40 Beorn the Proud Read Aloud 208 Own
14 40 Viking Adventure Assigned
14 42 The Namesake: A Story of King Alfred Read Aloud 269 Own
14 42 Augustine Came to Kent Read Aloud 184 Own
14 42 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 1: Alfred the Great, Christian King
15 43 The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow Read Aloud 240 Own AKA The Story of Rolf : A Viking Adventure
16 46 What Really Happened in the Middle Ages Read Aloud
PDF Chapter 3, Good King Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia
18 52 Leif the Lucky Assigned 56 Own
18 53 Tales from Shakespeare Read Aloud
Own Macbeth
18 54 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 17, El Cid
19 55 The Shield Ring Read Aloud 234 Own
19 55 The King's Shadow Read Aloud 259 Own
19 55 Striped Ships Read Aloud 226 Own
19 55 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 19, William the Conqueror
20 58 Paula the Waldensian Read Aloud 191 Own (for mom to read....Rora—great book, though sad)
20 58 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 14, Peter Waldo
20 59 Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine Assigned 187 Lib Royal Diaries Series, France, 1136
20 59 What Really Happened in the Middle Ages Read Aloud
PDF Chapter 5, My Grandmother the Queen, Eleanor
20 59 A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver Read Aloud 200 Own
20 59 The Hidden Treasure of Glaston Read Aloud
21 61 The Lost Baron Read Aloud 297 Own
21 61 Boy Knight: A Story of the Crusades Read Aloud 324 Own (AKA Winning His Spurs)
21 62 Robin Hood Assigned
Own (Could listen to Jim Weiss' audio of Robin Hood)
21 63 The Perfect Sword Read Aloud
Lib Pre-read?
Apple & The Arrow Assigned
Trumpeter of Krakow Read Aloud 208 Own
22 64 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 15, Francis of Assissi
22 65 Phillip's Crusade: The True Story of the Children's Crusade Read Aloud 316 Own
Wings Like a Dove (Chosen Daughters series) Read Aloud OR Assign? 205 Own Jeanne D'Albret (not covered in MOH2)
22 66 Adam of the Road Read Aloud OR Assign? 317 Own
Otto of the Silver Hand Read Aloud 170 Own MA Germany
24 70 The Book of Virtues Assigned
Own The King & His Hawk pages 37-39
24 71 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 27, Marco Polo
24 72 In Freedom's Cause: A Story of Wallace & Bruce Audio Audio Own by Jim Weiss
24 72 Girl in a Cage Read Aloud 234 Own Robert the Bruce's daughter, Marjorie
24 72 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 26, Robert Bruce

The Door in the Wall Read Aloud or Audio? 120 pgs. Own (Could get audio from library again)
26 76 A Parcel of Patterns Read Aloud
Lib Pre-read?
26 78 The Beggar's Bible Read Aloud 134 Own
26 78 John Wycliffe: The Morning Star Video 75 min. Lib? Bob Jones ShowForth Video
26 78 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 17, John Wyclif, Morningstar

Fire, Bone, & Bed Read Aloud
Lib 1381 Feudal System  (Update:  I skimmed, and think I will pass on this one)
27 80 Trial & Triumph Read Aloud
Own Chapter 18, John Huss, Forerunner
27 80 John Huss Video
Lib? Bob Jones ShowForth Video
27 81 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 32, Joan of Arc
27 81 Warrior Girl Read Aloud 352 Own
27 81 What Really Happened in the Middle Ages Read Aloud
PDF Chapter 6, Joan of Arc, Maid of France
28 84 Ink on His Fingers Read Aloud 127 Own
28 84 Famous Men of the Middle Ages Read Aloud
Own Chapter 33, Gutenberg


Why blog?

The message boards at Homeschool Share is having an interesting discussion about blogs.

There are a number of reasons folks blog....some do it to make extra money, some use it as a ministry, for others it is a creative outlet for their writing or photography abilities, others want to create a record of their days--perhaps for their loved ones far away or just for themselves.  I'm sure there's a whole host of other reasons.

If you've read my blog much, you probably can figure it's mostly just for me, more as a diary than anything else.  From before the girls were born, I wanted to get back into writing in my diary....and I never did.  As you can see, I'm only slightly better at writing something in my blog!  Oh well, something is better than nothing. 

So, I'm not interested in blog awards or being voted "most whatever"......this is my little place in the cyberworld, where I can jot down things we did.   And, if I encourage someone, make someone laugh, or inspire someone along the way.....that's a huge bonus.   So bring your cup of tea and stop by a moment.....maybe even drop me a note in a comment somewhere.....but even if you just skim and move on, I hope you have a SONshiney day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our 2011-2012 Curriculum

So, we're finally in a routine for school...I think.  Here's what we're doing this year......

For our Bible time this year, we are doing the PictureSmart Bible.   This is our favorite subject!  We have finished the Bible overview and are almost done with Genesis.  We incorporate "Sword Drills" with the reading of the passages.  I love how we can each be individual in our color choices and details, but overall we end up with the same picture.   (Yes, I get to draw and color along with the girls as I teach!)

For history this year, we are continuing with Mystery of History.  We have just a few more lessons to finish from last year's Volume 1, then we'll move right into Volume 2.  The read-alouds last year were a big hit, so we will continue to do that this year as well.    So far, we have already read Archimedes and the Door to Science, listened to Jim Weiss' Julius Caesar and the History of Rome, and are now reading The Bronze Bow.    I've got a huge stack of books to read for Volume 2....I think I'm going to have to have the girls read some of them on their own!  As soon as the Volume 2 notebooking pages become available, I will be purchasing those again to.  As I read the lesson, the girls take notes on the back of the page and then write a short summary of the lesson.

For our fun math, we are doing The Life of Fred.  DD14 is doing Beginning Algebra and dd11 is doing Fractions.    DD14 has also started VideoText Algebra, a switch from Saxon.  DD11 will also continue Math-U-See, having a few lessons to finish up the Epsilon book from last year before moving on to Zeta.

For science at home, we're doing Biology 101.   At co-op, dd11 will do Science 4 Real Kids Biology Level 1.  This is the third book she has done in this series.   At co-op, dd14 is doing Creation or Evolution, which I teach. 

For language arts, we're doing a mix of things.  We're doing Winston Grammar for a basic overview of the parts of speech.  The lessons are short, which we like.  We are also continuing with Fix-It (editing) again this year.  We're doing the second story, The Frog Prince.  DD14 is continuing with The Phonetic Zoo for spelling, and dd11 will continue with All About Spelling.   I recently gave each of the girls this free Reading Assessment, and both placed ahead of their grade.   We also have some grammar pages within our literature this year.   For literature, we're doing Lightning Literature, Grade 7.  

DD14 will continue with Getting Started with Latin, hopefully finishing the book she started last year.  DD11 will continue with Spanish.

For art, both girls have art classes at co-op this year.  DD11's class will include some art history, while dd14's will focus on handcrafts.

Hopefully, we will also get IEW's Student Writing Intensive B done this year, as well as The Grammar of Poetry.  Also hope to throw in a few units of some kind this year (botany and some other literature perhaps).

Oh yeah, I decided to have DD14 work on some Equine Studies this year.  I found many study guides and quizzes on The Pony Club of America website.  I also purchased two of their manuals for her to work her way through.

I guess that's it.   What are you doing this year?

Another good movie coming this Christmas....

Speaking of movies......I'm hoping that the upcoming War Horse movie sticks close to the book.  It's a favorite book in our house, having been read by my girls and listened to on audio by us all.   We would be sadly disappointed if they stray too far from the book!

The movie comes out Christmas Day, and we can't wait!

Two movies worth going to see!

This past week the girls and I went to see Dolphin Tale, and enjoyed it very much!

Then yesterday, my husband took me to see Courageous.  It made me laugh, and it made me cry......great movie!!

I encourage everyone to get out and see these two's so nice to see Hollywood making true family-friendly movies!   If we get out and support these kinds of movies, hopefully Hollywood will produce more of them!