Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coming soon....the Homeschool Share BLOG!

Did you see that new button over there? ------------>

Woo hooo..........Homeschool Share is getting its own blog!   There will be featured writers giving practical advice, book reviews, freebies, giveaway contests, and more.  My role at the blog will be more behind the scenes.  I will research the various special days of each month.  Of course, Ami is the creative one who will beautiful the calendar and make it presentable to you.

We'll let you know when important days like National Cupcake Day you have an excuse to make and eat cupcakes can schedule some fun days with your kids throughout the month.  We'll also let you know when you can take advantage of some of the units at HSS.  We might even through in a reminder to just do something fun! 

I researched for October and Ami made it all pretty.  You can download it here.    For today, it says to get outside and includes a nature scavenger hunt!

So watch for the'll be coming your way soon!  Hope you enjoy it!

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