Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A list of the books I read aloud for Mystery of History (MOH) Volume 1

Because my sweet friend Ami asked........here is a list of the chapter books that we read for ancient history, MOH1.   They are arranged in the order in which they were read.

Adam & His Kin  by Ruth Beechick

The Golden Bull  by Marjorie Cowley

(not read, but we should have:   The Secret Scribe)

Gilgamesh The King / The Last Quest of Gilgamesh  by Zeman  (I believe there is a third book that came between these two,  but we did not read it.  These are picture books.)

The Golden Goblet   by  Eloise Jarvis McGraw

The Laughing Princess of the Desert   by Anna Tyra Adams

Where I Belong by Rebecca Kenney

Tirzah by Lucille Travis

Cat of Bubastes by Henty  (We listened to Jim Weiss' "thoughtfully abridged" version.)

Assigned reading:   dd10 read His Majesty the Queen
                                   dd13 read Abigail's Secret Journal
                                   both read  Princess at the Well     and     Timna

The Hittite Warrior  by Joanne Williamson

Mara, Daughter of the Nile  by  Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Rachel's Secret Journal 

Adara  by Beatrice Gromley

God King by Joanne Williamson

Rise of the Golden Cobra by Henry T. Aubin   (I edited a couple of small things)

To Ride the Gods' Own Stallion by Diane Lee Wilson  (There were a few places I edited)

Victory on the Walls by Frieda Clark Hyman

Archimedes and the Door to Science by Bendick

The chapter Julius Caesar from Well Loved Tales of Shakespeare by Miles

Julius Caesar and the History of Rome  -- Audio by Jim Weiss

The Bronze Bow by Speare

Sparrow Alone  by Petersen

Out of Darkness by Petersen

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