Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pictures from DC

We can't find the camera card with the first pictures we took, but here are a few pictures!

Supreme CourtSupreme Court (that's us way up at the top of the steps, on the left, by the pillars!)

Escort to the capitolOur congressman was busy at the time we were to meet him, so he asked his aide to bring us over to the capitol to meet with him between votes.

TourIn between votes he gave us a private tour!  This was soooo nice because the next day, when we went on our "real" tour of the capitol building it was jammed packed!!!

Capitol RotundaTaken from inside the capitol, looking out the window.

If we ever find the other card, I'll post the Washington and Lincoln pictures!

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  1. Sorry for the delay, I'd wanted to write before our vacation but was too busy getting ready. Now we're back, so here's my e-mail: becca wigton at tusco dot net (take out spaces and change symbols). Our family website is: in case you're interested. Also, I've checked out and plan to pick up their before FIAR teacher's guide for ages 2-4. Very excited about that, thanks for the tip!


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