Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 100th Post...a prayer request

Wow, I always envisioned my 100th post being something exciting.  If nothing else, just a post about it being my 100th!   Instead, I'm asking for prayer for my husband's father and grandmother. 

This morning, my FIL was taken by ambulance to the hospital.   He had some chest pains and passed out.  In the hospital, they gave him 3 nitro to stop the pain.  He may have cracked or at least bruised his ribs in the fall, but he's doing a bit better now.  They're keeping him for tests.

This week, my FIL's mother (the only living grandparent for my husband and I) was diagnosed with PAD (peripheral atherosclerotic disease) and may have to have one or both feet amputated someday.  She's also in congestive heart failure. 

So, if you'd lift them up in prayer, we'd appreciate it!

Just wanted to give an updated:  My FIL spent 4 days in the hospital.  His heart went into A-Fib, so he's been put on new medications.   Grandma is still doing so-so.  Please continue lifting them up in prayer. 


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