Monday, June 27, 2011

OK, I think we are officially a zoo now......

Up until this month, we have had 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 horses, and about 20 chickens.

Then we rescued a kitten.  Must have been about a week old.  Unfortunately, we lost her.  She never even had her eyes open.

A few days later, we found what must have been her brother.  Well, he was a fighter from the beginning....frantically clawing at the bottle.  So we had a few weeks of feeding every 3 hours, including a 3 a.m. feeding....felt like I had an infant again!   I happy to say that Toby is doing fine, and growing.  He is so funny.  When we bottle-fed him, he would twitch his ears in time with the sucking.  We got the biggest kick out of that!   And we have laughed as we've watched him learn to run, pounce, arch his back, hiss, and follow strings and balls.  Boy, he sure is a climber!  Isn't he cute as he sleeps with his paw over his eyes?

Then, last week, I gave in to my oldest.  After years of saying, "No lizards in my house!" I broke down and bought her a Florida Chameleon.  At least it's smaller than the gecko she really wants....though I'm not sure if that's a good thing if he gets loose!  This little guy is fast, and could hide just about anywhere!  The store owner called him "Bubba" but dd13 renamed him Chami (cam-ee).

And, then tomorrow (am I glutton for punishment or what?), I'm going to take dd11 to the pet store and buy her a hamster.  Don't really want him to get loose either!  I've got a habitat already for him/her and I ordered a ball from Amazon today. 

So there you are....come to my house, expect a zoo!


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