Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're back!

DH had a training class last week, so the girls and I joined him mid-week and we stayed through Sunday night.  Got out before their storm hit!   Wow, is it ever beautiful up there.  It was our first time in New England and the girls' first time flying. 

While waiting for our plane to leave, we read one of the Home School Share units, The Bobbin Girl.  Then the next morning, we did a few lessons talking about the Industrial Revolution, textile mills, and the town of Lowell, MA that was the first PLANNED industrial city.  THEN, we WENT to Lowell!  It was only about 5 miles from our hotel! How cool is that!?!   We toured the factory and learned even more.  The factory is still producing cloth and one of the workers gave the girls some samples. 

We went to the Boston Museum of Science, which we got in free to because we are members of a local Zoo and they are one of the recipricating zoos/museums.  
Three stories and lots to do! 

We did a coastline drive Saturday and went to Maine.  On the way there, we drove up through New Hampshire (more inland before heading to coast) and saw a castle and "America's Stonehenge."  We saw some men ice fishing and the girls wanted to walk on the ice, so we stopped.  Boy, did they have some large, beautiful Rainbow Trouts!  

Then, we continued east toward the coast.....we couldn't have picked two more beautiful days to do the coast!  It was in the lower to mid-40s with blue skies and just a few clouds.   Gorgeous!!! 

The girls got to walk the beach, chase the waves (well, really the waves chased them and they ran like mad!), see sand dunes, gather shells and pretty rocks.  We visited a lighthouse Saturday night, Sunday morning to see the sunrise, and then went back later Sunday morning to see it in the broad daylight.  That afternoon, we took a cliff walk and hiked up on top of the cliffs above the ocean.

Sadly the time passed all too fast and we had to head back down to Boston for our flight out.  But it was a lovely little trip!  We'd like to go back! 

One thing that DH and I both noted was how *friendly* everyone was!  Almost everyone you passed, looked you in the eye and smiled or nodded or said hello.  Some even stopped to talk awhile.  Thanks, New England, for a warm welcome!

I'll have to post some pictures another time.  I've got a couple thousand to go through.     Filled up three 2G cards!

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