Monday, September 8, 2008

Looking for support for your struggle with an Invisible Illness?

Nearly 1 out of 2 people suffer an "invisible" illness, an illness that you may not be able to see  just by looking at the person.  On the outside, we may not look ill, but we may struggle each day just to get out of bed and live a somewhat normal life.

Today begins National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week.

I, along with several other homeschooling moms, are blogging about our invisible illnesses this week.  If you are, leave a comment below with a link to your blog, so that others might visit your page.

Other places........

I started a message board called Doing it Anyway, which is for moms who have
(or whose spouse has) a chronic illness but who still choose to homeschool.

Another great place is Rest Ministries, which sponsors this weeks' Invisible Illness  Week.  Their Sunroom provides Christian support for living with a chronic illness. 

The store at Rest Ministries has many resources for your chronic illness support group or to help start one.  They also have devotionals written by folks who have truly been there!  The founder of Rest Ministries, who is an author of some of the books on the site, suffers from chronic illnesses.  They also have books for those who are caregivers for or who have a loved one with a chronic illness.

Jen has a listing of other homeschooling moms who continue to homeschool, despite their invisible illness.  You can see their faces, read their names, learn what illness they have, as well as pray for them on Jen's Prayer page.    She'll add you if you let her know.

Hope this helps bring awareness to the many invisible illnesses, as well as provide some places  to visit for those who want to learn more or who may be looking for support of their own invisible illness.   --Celia :o)

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