Friday, April 10, 2009

There's a contest going on......and everyone's a winner!

It's time for Homeschool Share's

Blast contest!!


Homeschool Share is accepting all kinds of entries for creations that will help grow the site.  Even if you don't win one of the FANTABULOUS prizes for submitting something...everyone's a winner at Homeschool Share because all of the wonderful resources on the Homeschool Share website are FREE!  Unit studies, lapbooks, notebooking pages......and soon, printables that can be used in Sue Patrick's Workboxes!  Woo hoo!!   There are strict guidelines, so be sure to read all the details! 

Homeschool Share is an amazing resource for the homeschooling community, and it's all because lots of wonderful moms have freely given of their talents.  Thank you, are a true blessing!

Click on the rocket above
to get more details about the contest!

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