Saturday, August 29, 2009

We're back to school!

The summer went all too fast, but it's time to get back to work now.

This year, dd11 is in 6th and dd9 is in 4th.

Our school year started with our Back-to-School Prayer service that our church has each year.  When we broke down into groups, for specific prayers, I was asked to pray for our homeschoolers, which I cheerfully excepted of course!

Then, come Monday, August 17, our school days began. The first week, we eased into the year, not doing full days or all of the curriculum.

I got our workboxes in place (see older post about Sue Patrick's Workbox System) and the girls are enjoying them.  We are getting more done, but sometimes I feel it's busy work because most of the "extra"things I have done so far have been worksheets with puzzles and other activities.  However, they seem to enjoy the breaking up of the day with these items and I know we're getting some extra learning in.   When I get my act together, I'm going to add in lapbooking components to the boxes.

Curriculum the kids are using:


  • Saxon Math 76 (she'll start this next week, she just finished up Develomental Math book 15 and so we're moving on)

  • LightHome Publication's Westward Ho Wagon Train writing (A themed ABC unit study type writing program.)

  • A Beka Grammar & Comp I  (She hates this and wants to go back to Daily Grams, so we'll see if we stick to it.)

  • A Beka History

  • Building Thinking Skills, Book 2

  • Unit Studies


  • Teaching Textbooks 4 (she'll finish this in a couple months and then she'll move on to Saxon 54)

  • Daily Grams 4

  • A Beka History (she asked for a history book like DD11's, so I got it)

  • LightHome Publication's Crawly Critters Cursive (intro to cursive)

  • Unit Studies (currently she's enjoying a BJUP BookLinks study of The Case of the Dognapped Cat by Milly Howard)

  • Maybe some Spanish, since she's asked for it.


  • Character Sketches  (Bible and Science)

  • Ohio Dailies (short lessons for Ohio history)

  • Homeschool in the Woods' Time Traveler items as they fit in with our American history studies

  • Grammar Punk

  • Math-It for math fact practice

  • A Beka Science at our local co-op

  • Real Science4Kids Physics at our local co-op

  • Gym class at our local co-op

  • Drama at our local co-op

  • Sewing at our local co-op

Plus all the extras that get put in their workboxes.

Another busy year!

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