Sunday, September 6, 2009

Am I addicted to books or just paper?????



I've long admitted to being addicted to books.   Even back in school, I was the local book nut, the one kids went to to determine which book on the approved book list was good and, "oh yeah....can I borrow it from you?"  I had a lot of books then, and I still do.....and homeschooling doesn't help that addiction.

I have thousands of books.  Every room in the house has bookshelves and yet I still have piles of books awaiting a spot on some shelf somewhere!

Tonight I decided to put away the school supplies I had recently purchased from Wally World (that at the time I just threw in the school room).  

Gee willikers, why must I buy school supplies each year when they come on sale?  I know I have a bunch in the supply closet, yet I buy more....just in case.

I have almost 30 packs of paper (the 150 count kind) and about that many 1 subject notebooks as well.  And there's a half dozen or so 3 subject notebooks.  And a couple packs of construction paper.  And a large pack of cardstock.  And index cards.   And none of that includes the paper we keep near the printer(s).....pastel, neon, Christmas, more cardstock....

And people wonder why I don't scrapbook!!      Where would I put all that paper???

And my desk....well, the above picture says it all. 

......maybe I don't have a book fetish after all.....maybe it's just an addiction to paper in general?????



  1. But those school supplies just smell so good! You can't help yourself. :)

  2. dustbunniesandbooksMonday, September 07, 2009

    You know me too well! LOL.

  3. I am right there with you ,but the bad thing in my case is I only have one so I will have enough school supplies to last until my future grandchildren graduate High school


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