Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did you know that books are not machine washable?



Hoodies are great.  When you wear a hoodie, you feel like a kangaroo.  You've got a pouch to keep your hands warm.  And it's a handy place to put your book and some paper and a pen for taking notes while you read.   (It's a unit writing thang!)   When the weather warms up you can remove the sweatshirt and run around in the t-shirt you wear under it and throw the sweatshirt in the car.  And when your wonderful children unload the car for you and kindly remove the sweatshirt you carelessly left behind and considerately toss it in the wash bin for you and you neglect to go through the pockets before placing it in the washer.....well, let's just say it wasn't pretty!   Oh, here, see for yourself......

Book Damage1
Book Damage 2
Book Damage3

Thankfully, there is PaperBackSwap to rescue me.....some kind soul out there is going to send me another copy of the book.  I wonder if she would still send it knowing what happened to the last one???  Thank you, dear Flora......I'll try not to wash this one!!

The real bummer about the whole thing was losing the notes of the first three chapters!!  They didn't survive the wash.

PS.....my youngest wishes to add a public service announcement:

                       Do not try this at home.



  1. Oh Celia! Ack! But, I admit to a little giggle. My girls love hoodies and books, so I'm sure my day is coming. ;)


  2. Oh, that is the sort of thing that happens around our house all the time. I don't think we've sent a book through the wash, but we've sent Blistex, diapers, and money through many a time.

    By the way, I love that book and I'm glad you can get another copy.


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