Saturday, October 3, 2009

A P.S. for the thermography post

A couple things I forgot to post about on the previous thermography entry......

When you call about thermography, not only ask about the manufacturer of their equipment but also ask who interprets the scans.  The lady I went to sends the images to be read by doctors at Duke University, but she told us about another local themographer who interprets his own even though he was never trained to!     Your doctor is more likely to appreciate the findings if read by a reputable organization.

The other thing I forgot to write about was that you should have a second scan done about 3 months after the first.  This will provide a baseline for you, tell you what your norm is.  After that, they are recommended to be done yearly to keep an eye out for changes.  

The UBCF that I mentioned in the previous entry has been also paying for the second, follow-up breast screening.  


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