Thursday, January 13, 2011

B90 Update

I am so excited that there are ONE THOUSAND people committed to reading the Bible in 90 days over these winter months!!  Isn't that great.....1,000 people all reading the Bible all the way through at the same time.

I've never been very good at keeping resolutions.....which is why I usually don't bother....but this time around I'm determined to keep this one!  So far, so good.   I'm a bit ahead of my schedule (I started about 10 days ahead of the rest of the group, as I needed to finish at least 5 days ahead of the scheduled ending).

I will be starting 2 Kings today!!!   Every time I've tried reading the Bible through before, I have gotten bogged down somewhere in the Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy area and then gave up.   I made it through this time....and it was not nearly as bad I remembered it being!!!

I love that I'm getting this big overview of the Bible rather quickly....yet, at the same time, I'm reading things I've never read before....all those lesser known things that are asked in the Bible trivia games!  LOL.

I didn't do it the first several days of reading, but at some point I decided to start highlighting different verses or words that strike me.  Words God said.  Who did right/Who did evil in God's eye.  Just whatever jumps out.  I look forward to going back through those later and spending more time.

My B90 mentor Debbie wrote this great article about using the Fruit of the Spirit to read through the Bible,

If your goal is to read the Bible this year (whether in 90 days or just to get it finished before the end of the year), I want to encourage you to keep CAN do this!!!  God's word is waiting to speak to you in ways you can't even imagine.  So pull out your Bible, and draw close to Him.......He's waiting.

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