Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is officially Day 1 of reading the Bible in 90 Days...

However, I'm on day 9.   I needed to start a bit earlier, as I need to be finished before the end of March (and this group reading officially ends on April 1.)

I just wanted to thank my mentor, Debbie in was her blog where I accidentally came across this program.  When I clicked on a link for more info, I learned there was a new 90 Day Reading starting at the beginning of this year, so I signed up.

A quick hello to all Group 8 participants who might be stopping by my blog......I look forward to getting to know more about y'all.  I won't be blogging every day, but I'll pop in once in awhile with my progress.

I'm excited to be reading through the Bible for the first time!

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