Sunday, March 20, 2011

I did it!!! I read the Bible cover to cover over the last 87 days!!

I am so excited!
For the first time in my life, I have read the Bible cover to cover!
I finished it tonight!

Thousands of us participated in the Bible in 90 Days Winter 2011 Challenge over at Moms Tool Box.  I read it over a period of 87 days, reading 70 of those days.  I started just before CHRISTmas, as I knew March was going to be very busy!    And March indeed was rough--not only with the busyness I was expecting but with several days of illness for me.  I've only had one weekend out of the past month that I was not ill.   Though, ironically, it was illness this weekend that allowed me to finish it on time!!  Hey, laryngitis doesn't stop reading time!

This has been an amazing journey!  There was so much that I don't recall having ever read before.  I loved the fast pace, as it gives you a helicopter view of the Word and everything stays fresh in your mind.

Of course, there are many parts that I want to go back and re-read and delve into more deeply.  I already purchased the Tabernacle book in the Following God series due to this reading.   I've got some other Bible studies planned too because of this reading. 
Even though I own several Bibles, I did use the B90 official Bible.   They recommend using a Bible that does not contain study notes, or a person will get bogged down reading the details in the study notes....that would have definitely been me!!!!   There's really nothing special about's an NIV and it has each day's beginning and ending page marked for you.  Also included is a reading plan so you can check off each day.   But you can use any Bible, just divide the total number of pages by 88 (give yourself 2 days grace).   The great thing about doing the challenge with so many others, however, is the accountability.   Each group has a mentor who encourages us along the way.  My mentor was fellow homeschooling mom, Debbie in Alaska.  She even read along with us, even though she's completed the challenge last time it was offered.   Each week, the participants of our group checked in.  We encouraged one another to keep up the pace, shared sorrows and heartaches, and prayed for one another.

If you've never read through the entire Bible, why not give the B90 a try?  Believe me, if I can do, ANYone can!   I have tried reading the entire Bible several times in my life and each time I stopped somewhere in the Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy area.  This time, those chapters didn't seem so bad!

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