Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For my friend Rebecca.....Cat Herders Day


My friend Rebecca has a blog called Herding Cats.  So, when I began researching for December's calendar for the new HSS blog, I was amused to find a day that's been set aside for Cat Herders.......that day is tomorrow, December 15.

Herding cats is an adage referring to an undertaking that is exceedingly difficult (or impossible!) because of the sheer number of uncontrollable variables involved in the task. Cat Herders Day was established to honor all those whose lives can be compared to herding cats.

Poke around Rebecca's blog....I think you'll soon see why her life is like herding cats!  (Though, overall, I'm sure she wouldn't have it any other way!)

So, Rebecca, you have a day just for you!  Come tomorrow, I hope you celebrate to the fullest!  Enjoy YOUR day!


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