Friday, December 9, 2011

We went to see a pre-release screening of War Horse!


Earlier this week, dd13 and I went to a pre-release screening of War Horse.  It was worth every mile of the 2.5 hour drive to get there!   It will definitely be a movie that we will own!  I'm sure that we go see it on the big screen again when it officially comes out  this CHRISTmas.

There were 3 or so curse words and some war scenes that were pretty intense (hence the PG-13 rating).  But it was not a bloody/gory movie.   It was stunning to see it on the big screen.  You felt like you were dropped in the middle of the war zone, as the theater shook with the bombing and gunfire.

In comparison to the book, they cut out a few things, added a few things, and changed others, but they did a good job.  Even knowing the story from having read the book, we still laughed, cried, and cheered.

Hope you get to go see it!

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