Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally getting around to posting pictures of our lapbook/notebook for our unit on the book Rocks in His Head.

Here is our combination lapbook/notebook that we did for the HSS unit, Rocks in His Head.  We used a three-prong pocket folder.  I liked this because I could use several pages and not be limited to a file folder.

We had a great time with this unit........thanks, Ami, for making all the great components for this  unit.  The girls enjoy looking through them.

PS.......I'm calling this lapbook/notebook combination a Lap-n-Note!


  1. I awarded you with the Nice Matters Award! You can read about it on my blog.

    Hmmm? You managed to get the other pics on, not sure why the ss won't come up. Did you click source then paste and then click source again? What source are you using? It is normally the HTML code.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm enjoying looking around yours - lots of fun ideas!




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