Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, you just never know what you'll do in life!

I never dreamed we'd be asked to shoot a wedding.  Many years ago, my dh was asked to take pictures at his aunt's (2nd) wedding.  This past weekend we did her daughter's wedding.   We had a lot of fun.  We took over 2,500 photos!  

I tried to talk Aunt C  into using a "real" photographer and I still wish she had.  Most of our shots were trial and error.  We did get a few good ones.  I've spent the past few days going through every picture.  I found about 500 that I liked, a nice representation of the whole process, from rehearsal, to rehearsal dinner, to getting the hair and nails and makeup done, to getting dressed to the wedding itself, to the reception.

I sighed a lot going through the photos.....if I had certain shots to do over, I'd have done ___fill in the blank___.   Why didn't we see these problems when were shooting?!

Now, I've got 500 photos to go through again.......and try to get down to about 150 or so.  Then I get to play with them in a photo editing program.

I understand better why good photographers get paid big bucks now!  If you're feeling bored and want to waste time, check out the galleries on my friend's website.  She and her husband are an amazing team of photographers.......they capture so much! 

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  1. So, I guess I won't be asking you to shoot my next wedding?

    Of course, I am *totally* joking! Jason and I kid around about it. He introduces me as his first wife. LOL.

    Don't worry...we are totally committed! :)


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