Saturday, December 22, 2007's a secret

DD10 is getting special present this year.....a letter.  A letter doesn't sound so special does it?  Well, that depends on who it's from!  This letter, well really it's an email, is from Terri Farley!!  Terri Farley is the author of the Phantom Stallion series that dd10 *loves* to read!  She must have found my blog entry about dd10 winning the headstall for her drawing of the Phantom and emailed us!!!!  Here is what it said:


What a lovely portrait of the Phantom!

Congratulations to the artist and her family -- we all owe a portion of our skills to those who support us!

What a lovely gift on a chilly Nevada night!

Best to you all,

Terri Farley




I've printed it off and am going to put a bow on it and dd10will open it Christmas morning.   Of all the gifts under the tree, I can't think of one that dd10 will like better than this!  Thanks, Ms. Farley for taking the time to write!

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