Friday, March 7, 2008

Another flight in dd10's future.......

DD10 will be flown to Washington, DC in June for a reception for "the culmination of the Save Our Wild Salmon 2008 national road show.  The top pieces will be on display to show our nation’s leaders that America’s youth value protecting our wild salmon."

And for those who had been wondering about the on-line gallery showing the is up!  Sorta.  It's supposed to show the 20 winning pieces, but it's only showing 19 at the moment.  DD10's is #13.

Anyway, go here to read about the contest.  This is where I found out that the top four winners will be flown to DC for the reception AND where I found out dd10 is one of those flying!  I had no idea before that! 

Click here to see the top 20 winners (which at the moment is only showing 19).

Click here to see the artwork of the 284 who submitted but did not win.


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