Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Uncle Odell: Oct. 21, 1926 - Apr. 20, 2008

A birth date, a dash, a death date.   There was much in that dash, more than I could write here, but I'll mention a couple things special to me.

I remember summertime in the mountains of North Carolina with him and my Aunt Nita.  I looked forward to those vacations, and still reminisce about them.  Man, what a breakfast those two could prepare--you couldn't help but stuff yourself silly.  Could have lived on those biscuits alone, they were perfect.  I wonder how many folks ate them at his Granny Squirrel restaurant and still think on them?

One thing I will always remember was his bear hugs.  Big, enveloping, loving.  I shall miss those.  Even the ones over the phone.

The last time I saw Uncle Odell was three years ago this month.  Skinnier, shaky from Parkinsons, but still my Uncle Odell.  Still gave great bear hugs.  Still liked to eat.  Still laughing and joking with everyone--family, friend, or stranger.

I'm so glad my girls got to meet him, got to experience those bear hugs.  They were young, but they still talk about going back to Florida. 

Here are some pictures from that trip.

Odell and the golf cartOdell going for a ride

Aunt Nita and Uncle OdellNita and Odell

Me and my favorite bear-huggin' uncleMe and my favorite bear-huggin' uncle

And this one's another favorite memory, when Nita and Odell came up to visit us and we went to the park and fed the ducks.

Feeding the ducks

Bear hugs and love always, Uncle Odell.


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