Saturday, May 31, 2008

A bee swarm!

So we go over to husband's parents house this afternoon, as we do most every afternoon, to feed the horses.  DD10 gets done and I'm chatting with my MIL, when DD10 comes up and tells me that Grandpa's honey bees have swarmed.   I jumped in the car and went back home for my camera and downed a Benadryl just in case (as I'm highly allergic to insect bites!).

Here are pictures of my FIL removing the swarm and taking it to their new home.

The Swarm

Taking to new home
close up
shaking into new homeIn their new home

I just love that you can take advantage of lots of cool things when you homeschool!

My FIL started beekeeping because of our homeschooling, really because of Five in a Row (FIAR).   He'd had an interest for a long time and one summer we rowed The Bee Tree by Patricia Polacco.  Our local beekeeper's association was doing a demo of honey extraction, so I had decided to row the book and take advantage of the demo.  I invited my FIL along.   He talked to the various beekeepers a long time that day, and few months later, he started his own beekeeping!

Hey, if you are interested in bees, Homeschool Share has a free honey bee lapbook!    We have lots of other free lapbooks, literature-based unit studies, and notebooking pages on there as well, so be sure to poke around the site!  And also be sure to come back in July, when we'll have oodles more after we update the site with all the cool new goodies we get as a result of our annual Blast contest!


  1. Wow, that looks fascinating and a little scary at the same time. My cousin Maggie is doing a bee poster for 4-H and they just got their big ole' box of bees set up.

    I wanted to let you know that I am still going to do your family portraits! After the 4-H fair is over I should have plenty of time. Only another week or two of this crazy business. Thank you for being so patient!



  2. healthyhomeschoolTuesday, June 10, 2008

    That is just so cool! I would love to put a link to this on my website. Would you mind?


  3. I have never personally seen anyone that works with bees.

    That is really neat. I think I would have been pretty scared of those bees though.

  4. Hi! I'm Betty's friend, Becca, and am actually looking for a church in the New Philadelphia area. I would really love to find one that other homeschool moms went to so that when I'm ready to homeschool I have some support for that. Would you mind asking at your next meeting whether anyone attends church in my area and where? Thanks so much! Hope I get to meet you someday!

  5. ilovemy3angelbabiesSunday, June 29, 2008

    how fascinating and scary bee keeping is. I have a friend who has bees. She has the most delicious honey!! YUMMMM!

    Thank you for posting this and for the great pics of your father-in-law in his attire.




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