Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching up....

Wow, where did the time go?

We've been plugging along with school, though not getting as much done as I would like.  We've just been so busy.  I purchased some apples from our neighbors (in public school) and it took them a week before they could catch us at home to deliver them!

We've all been involved with church events....special musical events, funeral dinners, and the like.  The library ministry (which I'm involved in) and the youth ministry worked together to host a public showing of the Veggie Tale's It's a Meaningful Life.  We held a coloring contest and made a ton of different kinds of popcorn,,,we had almost 100 people show up for it!  It was a great family night.  The girls are in the puppet ministry, which performed before the movie started.

The girls were aPuppetslso scheduled to do a Christmas program with the puppet ministry for special needs kids at a local Rotary event.  DD10 ended up with an ear infection at the last minute and was not able to perform!  We had packed up the theatre and all the paraphernalia that goes with puppets (and you wouldn't believe me how much there is!!!) and set up the day before.  About an hour before were were to leave, she complained that her ear hurt.  Bad mom that I am, I figured--since this was the first she had complained of it--that she could get through the performance and then we'd have it checked out the next day.   Well, we no longer got through the door for the event when she has tears in her eyes at the pain and I had to call dh to come get her and take her to stat care.  YPuppetsep, a pretty  bad ear infection and a round of antibiotics.  And guess who had a crash course in running sound and doing the backgrounds for the puppets????  Yours truly.   Wow, do I have a new appreciation now for what puppeteers have to do!!!!!!  It's a crazy scramble behind the scenes of each performance!  Fortunately we had a forgiving audience who enjoyed the show despite all my mistakes!

Let's see what else has been going on??    Oh yeah, it's Advent time, so we are in our fifth year of the Jotham's Journey trilogy......which means we're doing Batholomew's Passage this year.  This has become a favorite Christmas tradition.  Even though this is the second time through the trilogy, the girls continue to beg me to read more of the story each night!  (I was excited to announce to the girls that I have pre-ordered the long-awaited Easter story of Jotham's son.......Amon's Adventure!!!  We cannot wait for it!)

What else.......oh yeah, it's bitter cold and snowy and icy here in Ohio.  One day last week I quite suddenly found myself on the ground at the base of the deck.....having somehow missed the four steps from the deck to the ground!  Ugh.  Yeah, I'm still feeling that one.  The chiropractor is slowly getting me back in shape.....praise God nothing was broken!  \o/

And, just in time for the single digit temperatures.....the thermostat on the van is on the blink.  Brrr.....

Another reason I've not been on the computer as much is that it just plain hurts to type these days.  As my flare (dermatomyositis) gets worse, my muscles have weakened greatly.  I think I hurt the wrist of my right hand trying to lift something and have caused a tendon to become inflamed......either that or I have developed carpal tunnel.   Whatever the case, all I can is OUCH and I pray it heals soon!

And of course, as with so  many, we are getting ready for CHRISTmas.  Our tree is up and most of the presents have been purchased.  Still need to make some cookies. We are looking forward to a theatrical performance of A Miracle on 34th Street later this week.

Well, I guess that's about it.  Hope y'all have a very blessed CHRISTmas!

Oh, a PS......a bit of good news that I almost forgot......dh has become our Deacon of the Sound Ministry at church!  I love our church and am so happy we are involved!  We have an awesome minister, wonderful music, and a lot of great folks there!

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