Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Week in Review: November 22-24

A short week with Thanksgiving tomorrow.

We finished The Hittite Warrior, so we're on to Mara, Daughter of the Nile for history.  I also finished pre-reading Rise of the Golden Cobra by Henry T. Aubin.  It was a good Ancient Egypt story, but there are a couple parts that I will edit as I read (for instance, one of the main characters is called b@$t@rd.....seriously, can't authors just leave things like that out of the stories!?! Especially when cussing is not a habit in the story.....there was only this one incident in the entire book!)  I will save this book for a bit later in history, since it takes place about 728BC and is about Pharaoh Piankhy (Piankhi/Piye).

This week, dd10 finished up the Missionary biographies from Fortunately for You that she started last week.  She's into missionaries right now, having just finished the Benges' George Mueller.  Now she's reading the one about Eric Liddel.  She's even asked for more of the YWAM biographies for CHRISTmas!  I'll have to work in the Hands of A Child's Missionaries lapbook sometime soon.

She's had a long time interest in learning Spanish, so I today purchased a subscription to a new website called Discover Spanish.   Using a Homeschool Buyers Co-op coupon, I was able to purchase a 36-lesson year for just over $35.   So, we'll start incorporating that into our day next week.

She's still plugging away on her Calvert Grammar.  She started Math-U-See Delta this week, having completed the Gamma book with an 88.3%.  We also managed to get in an All About Spelling lesson, #17 I think it was.

DD13 finished up reading Module 6 of Apologia's General Science and doing the corresponding On Your Own Questions, but she still needs to finish her lapbook components for the Study Guide and take her  test.

She is finishing the final bridge for the Pre-Algebra with Biology Life of Fred book.  Guess that means I better purchase the next one!  Fred is such a riot....who knew math could be so much fun!  She continues to plug away on Saxon 8/7, her Ultimate Grammar book, and Phonetic Zoo as well.

The girls did puppet practice this week, preparing for two public appearances coming up soon.  DD13 also had drama practice.  She's in a short skit for worship service this Sunday....she'll be playing the ear in a skit about the "body" of Christ.  She also had practice for her part (Mary) in our Christmas Eve service.

Guess that's about it for the week, other than getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  Dh's mother is making the turkey, green beans, and some pies.  I'll be making scalloped corn and the sweet potato casserole.  Dh's sister will be bringing potatoes and a pumpkin roll.

I purchased some spelt dinner rolls for Thanksgiving...yummy!  (I am not a celiac, but do tend to eat gluten-free as I am avoiding wheat.  Although spelt is an ancient form of wheat and does contain gluten, I can eat it...someone with celiac would not be able to eat it.)

I just pulled a batch of bread out of the oven....yummy rice and flax sandwich bread.  I'll cut it when it cools and freeze it.  It's easy to pull out and toast for a quick sandwich!  The house always smells so good when bread is baking!

Well, that's it for this week....may you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day, surrounded by your loved ones.  We have so much to be thankful for!


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  1. I just love reading your updates! It gives me ideas for the future... ;)

    And, I've heard that Life of Fred is just hilarious-glad you guys are enjoying it, too. :)


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