Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our week: November 15-19

So, how is your week going?

This week we have continued reading The Hittite Warrior....which the girls have a love/hate relationship with.  They love it some moments, hate it others. LOL.   I couldn't find any free comprehension questions to go along with the book, so I've made up my own....either I'm choosing easy questions, or the girls are following along pretty closely, as they're getting most of them correct!  Woo hoo!

We finished our first quarter of Mystery of History, Volume I today.  We reviewed all of the Challenge Cards for the first quarter......we do it as a game and the girls were able to get most of the questions.  The girls are working on their notebooking pages (getting caught up with the first quarter ones, since they are a new product from Bright Ideas and weren't available when we started the school year.)

For Bible, we did Lesson 15 of Answer in Genesis' It All Begins with Genesis.  This was an interesting lesson, as we discussed the Anthropic Principle.  It is absolutely amazing to think of all the tiny details our Creator thought of to make life on Earth suitable for us!  If anyone of these little details were off by just a small amount, life could not exist!

DD13 has been working on Module 6 in Apologia's General Science this week.  She's started the experiments, some of which take a few days.  She's looking forward to making the rock candy.

DD 10 has one more lesson in her Math-U-See Gamma book...yay!   Though it's a bit young for her, I had her do the free book bite (a fun alternative to a book report!) for The Old Lady Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle from Homeschool Share.  She still loves fairy tales, and it was a good book to discuss contentedness and circular stories.  Later this week, I hope to start her on Volume I of Fortunately For You's Missionary Biographies.

We're also busy with church activities this week.....I had a library committee meeting, the girls both had puppet practice this week, and dd13 has drama practice.  One of those week when church feels like home (not that I mind a bit!), as I'll be there 7 days out of 8 straight days.

Not too exciting of a week, but just wanted to let you know what we're up to.  (I hope to be better about more regularly updating my blog so you know we really do do school!)

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  1. Sounds like a busy week.
    Janet W


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