Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Been awhile!

Hey everyone,

Sorry, it's been so long!  I got busy the beginning of this year, and then Homeschool Blogger changed format and I've been toying with it here and there, trying to figure out how to use it again!!!   So, here I am almost a whole year later!  The blog isn't fancy but at least I *FINALLY* figured out how to get my little dust bunny and books logo back on here!

So, what's up with us?   Same old, same old.

I still head up a local homeschool co-op.  The girls are now in 7th and 5th grades, so homeschooling gets to be more challenging.  I still struggle with health issues, but am plugging along.  We are still active with church activities, with me doing photographing and library and fellowship work, with dh doing sound, our oldest daughter doing puppets and drama, and our youngest daughter doing some puppets.

Oh yeah, last October I went mostly wheat- and dairy-free, as well as cut out a few other foods.  I'm trying to closely follow the Blood Type Diet.   Hard to believe it's been a whole year!  I lost 40 pounds, and am right wear I want to be!  Hurray!  I'm still figuring out recipes and still want to find a bread recipe that is as good as regular flour...is there such a thing?!

Well, that's enough to get me started again.  I'll try to do some posts soon about what we're doing this year.

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