Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 - 2011 Co-op

So...another co-op year has started. We have 36 families this year, with kids from preschool to high school, and we meet once a week for classes.

DD13 is taking

  • Art Fundamentals

  • Gym

  • Super Study Skills & Outlining

  • On-line Research Skills

  • Apologia's General Science

DD10 is taking

  • Chemistry (Science For Real Kids, Level I)

  • Geography

  • Gym

  • Sewing

  • A Beka Health

I'm helping to teach the General Science class this year.  Basically, we spend two weeks on each module and come together once a week for experiments.

For field trips with our group, we have done an educational corn maze and a historical re-enactment so far.  We've got a couple of plays coming up.  Not sure what else we're doing with the group this year.

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