Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And her head continues to swell.....

No, we're not talking about a medical condition here (\o/ God).  But the girl's head is going to get so big from winning all these art ribbons! 

We just got the news almost 10yo dd won THREE ribbons!  Now whether, this is for 3 different pictures or if one took Best of Show or Honorable Mention Best of Show, we don't know yet.

7yo dd also won a ribbon for her sunflower.  AND my mom took a ribbon as well!  Woo hoo!   We'll find out this weekend which pictures got which ribbons.

Last year they gave out some cool prizes in addition to the certificates, hand-made teddy bears, art supplies, etc.  I wonder what was donated this year?

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  1. She should be proud that she is using the talent God gave her and as she uses it for him, he will increaser her talents!

    Awesome! I wish I could draw!


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