Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update on Mom!

It was brought to my attention (thank you, Aunt Nita!) that I need to update on Mom! 

Mom's lung disease is NOT active afterall!  She's had numerous tests and x-rays and they show that her lungs have "no significant change."  \o/  

Her oxygen in-take has not been so great.  Using the oxygen whenever she walks has made an amazing difference!!!  She's not running marathons, but she--with oxygen--can at least move around the house without wheezing!

Also, she had two sleep studies done and she does have sleep apnea.  Only moderate though.  She stops breathing about 50 times per night.  She now has a CPAP to wear when she sleeps.  This will force room air into her lungs when her lung muscles relax and close-off the air passage.

So, we're singing praises here!   \o/ \o/

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  1. I've been praying for complete healing for you both. I pray it's His will. I'm really happy for the good report. Love you all. Tell Aunt Judy I said shalom and I love her.

    xoxoxox Missy


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