Monday, November 12, 2007

You know you're a homeschooler when.....

I'm sure you've seen such lists.  Well, I've decided I can add three of my own.....

You know you're a homeschooler when..... (caution:  If you have a sensitive tummy, don't read any further!)

....Your kids find the 'gift' the cat so loving left in the middle of your walkway and they ooh and ahh over the the guts hanging out, promptly wanting to dissect it and see what else they can find.   After finding small sticks, they sit down next to said gift and poke around looking for the heart.

....Your kids see one very squished opossum lying in the road and want to dissect it.

....Your father-in-law removes the heads from his latest hunt and gives them to your kids, wherein they play with the said heads (of pheasants) as if they were puppets.  Said heads are now in my refrigerator, awaiting "show and tell" in science co-op this week.

....Your oldest daughter simply cannot wait to dissect the fetal pig she will be doing when she finishes her Veterinarian Science (which hopefully will be next April or May).

And now, you've caught a glimpse of a very 'normal' week at our house! 

Got anything at your house my girls can come dissect?



  1. Okay, can I just say that though I'm REALLY glad your kids are having such great hands on learning experiences, I'm glad its not at MY house!!! YIKES!!!!

    And this from the gal who used to LOVE dissecting the sharks her dad would catch in his nets.

    What has happened to me?!?! LOL!

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    Elysa Mac :)

    (Who is posting using her dd's hs blog a/c)

  2. I about fell out of my seat on #2.

    There will never be a bird head in my fridge...


    :) Ami

  3. In an effort to get know more of our blogging community, you have been tagged! Please read on and respond!

  4. Fun list!

    I've tagged you. Stop by my blog and see the rules- then add a new list about you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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